Managing Business Relationships During the Global Coronavirus

We live in a connected world with businesses now operating vast networks of supply chains, logistics support, and just-in-time delivery to make sure that goods are where they need to be for the manufacturers and the suppliers. This of course works very well unless there's a disruption in any part of the supply chain and we are seeing that in the current crisis with the impact of coronavirus.

7 Management Styles

Management styles are the patterns of behavior people use when they hold management positions. These patterns of behavior include how they communicate, make decisions, supervise and motivate. There's a range of management styles and all are a blend of three key behaviors: Task Direction, Decision Making, and Relationship Building.

5 Top Management Skills for Managers

What's important to keep in mind what makes a good manager. There is one common trait of a successful manager, a good manager or rather a great manager is obsessed with they have great potential to change the world or they want to activate that potential in others, to put together in management skills for activating your potential in your team, your colleagues and yourself. Let's dive into five top management skills.

How to Improve Employee Performance?

How to be a better manager? As a manager, you manage a team of people and their performance in particular. Let's look at the reasons of what why does poor performance happen, there are four reasons why poor performance can happen in your employee teams.

What is Management? The Roles of Managers

What managers actually do and why we need them in the first place unless someone has actually performed managerial work. It's hard to understand exactly what managers do on an hour by hour or day by day basis. We will explore the roles of managers, a role is a set of expectations for a managers behavior, the roles of managers can be divided into three conceptual categories.

What is Management? Competency, Goals, Functions, Skills

Management is the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through competency, goals, functions, skills. And the responsibility of managers is to achieve high performance by using organizational resources.

5 Functions of Management

Understand of the functions of management can help you effectively manage the company or your team, it can help you understand at the minimum the purpose of some departments such as quality control, recruitment, or training… It can help you appreciate the activities and tasks you need to do. There are 5 functions of management: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.