What is Leadership?

Leadership is the potential to influence the behavior of others, the leader is a person can influence the behavior of others just by his leadership qualities. Leaders are required to develop future versions and to motivate the organizational members to want to achieve the vision.

Every organization has certain goals visions and objectives, and a leader is a person who will make all the employees in the organization work towards achieving organizational goals and achieve the version of the company.

What are the characteristics of leadership?

  • Interpersonal: The leader is influencing and guiding workers towards the attainment of goals, every organization has goals in the leadership, quality of a leader depends upon how he is using his interpersonal relationships to influence motivate the employees of the organization to achieve the goals.
  • Qualities: Denote certain qualities in a person which includes intelligence, maturity, and a great personality. You can only become a leader when you are intelligent when you know what you're doing when you are mature to understand sensitive situations when you have a personality to handle difficult situations.
  • Group process: It is a group process it involves two or more people interacting with each other. You cannot be a leader for yourself, you have to be a leader of a group of people.
  • Behavior: A leader is involved in shaping and molding the behavior of the group towards the accomplishment of organizational goals.
  • Situation bound: Leadership is situation bound there is no best style of leadership, it all depends upon tackling with the situation, you must say that there must be a specific way of being a leader.

There is no way of a typical leadership depends upon the situation which the person might be a good leader in one particular situation and be a bad leader in the other situation, it depends entirely on the situation and if a person is able to handle all the situations in a great way.

What is the importance of leadership?

What is the importance of leadership? Leadership is very important because leadership skills will increase the efficiency of the organization and the organization will achieve goals that why the top CEOs and Managing Directors paid the maximum salary. So, leadership plays the most important and critical role in any organization, and a leader is a person who:

  • Initiates action: A leader is a person who will formulate the policies of the organization he will tell the policies of the organization.
  • Motivation: The leader will motivate employees to work towards achieving those policies, so he's the person who will initiate actions motivation. Motivation is the key a leader has to motivate the people around them to work for the organization.
  • Providing guidance: The leader will always be there for you to provide the best possible guidance for you to achieve the goals.
  • Creating confidence: The leader himself is the most confident person and only he can create confidence in others, if you see a confident person you will feel confident and this is the quality of leadership.
  • Building morale: Morale is giving a willingness to the cooperation of the employees towards their work, it will make you work so much attached to the organization that morale will be very high always working for the company.
  • Builds work environment: The leadership responsibilities and the qualities to build a great work culture a great work environment.
  • Coordination: Can be achieved through reconciling personal interest with organization goals, every person who works in the employees has certain personal goals they want to earn more, they want to have a work-life balance. This is the responsibility of the leader to understand what are the organizational goals and what are the personal goals of the employees and reconcile them relate them so that both are in a win-win situation and hence the effectiveness of the employee will drastically improve.

What is the role of a leader?

  • Required at all levels: Because every level in the management needs leadership
  • Representative: The leader represents the organization
  • Integrates and reconciles: The leader integrates and reconciles personal goals with organization goals
  • Solicits support: The leader solicits support from everyone as a friend
  • Philosopher guide: The leader is always there for you to guide and provide you the knowledge of working in an organization.

What are the qualities of a leader?

  • Physically appearance: A good leader will be one of the best physically appearing person because he needs to be the best of the lot.
  • Vision and foresight: The leader has a vision and foresight for the future of an organization
  • Communication: The leader communicates effectively, communication as the key he is one of the best communicators in the organization.
  • Objective: He has to have a fair objective and outlook free from biased words any person, if a leader is biased towards a particular employee he will never become a leader.
  • Knowledge of work: The leader has to be unbiased knowledge of work, you can only lead a group of people when you know what you are doing. You cannot tell people what they have to do if you don't know.
  • Sense of responsibility: How to do a sense of responsibility has to be always there has to be accountability towards every act which you do in the company.
  • Self-confidence and willpower: Will always be the secret tool of success for a leader, if the leader is himself not self-confident and has great willpower he will never be able to lead a team.
  • Humanist: The leader needs to be a humanist he needs to understand every perspective from a human point of view.
  • Empathy: Empathy is stepping into shoes of others understanding what the other person is feeling and then come to a judgment objectively. This is the characteristics of a great leader.

You have learned a lot of great qualities, characteristics and how you can become a great leader in your career. So this article has certainly helped you to be a great leader.


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