Leading through Covid-19

There are multiple challenges in this crisis, we need to protect our revenues, our business, and protect our people at the same time. We need to make sure we plan for recovery when we come out of the crisis, making sure there's enough cash, making sure our business continuity and finally we need to plan for the new world. Because the new world will be different with different consumer behavior, with different employee behavior, also different leadership behavior around our business.

We're working with our clients on those three dimensions, there are a few things that we have encountered. First of all, make sure that you focus not only on what you need to do but also on how you're going to do it. It's equally important maybe even more important to do so. How do you show up as a leader, how do you lead your team effectively, and how do you lead and communicate to your organization in a powerful way.

Secondly, realize that in these moments of crisis, you're being pulled into a protective state of mind. It's normal human behavior, you try to protect yourself but it's helpful if you're trying to move into action and plan for the future because that actually requires a learning mindset, a growth mindset, asking questions rather than stating answers, one of these trusting and empowering teams around you rather than directing what needs to happen. So, be aware of your state of mind and when it's in a protective state, lift yourself up and try to lift everybody around you up as well.

Finally, in a crisis like this, deficiencies are being amplified whether that's in your organization, your team, or for yourself. All those deficiencies are being amplified for management members that weren't getting in the way well in the crisis. Making sure that you use today's moment, you use this crisis, this opportunity to solve all those issues with speed and agility. This is your moment as a leader because you can't have these deficiencies as you move out of this crisis and plan for the new world.


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