COVID-19 - Leadership in Times of Crisis

The best of days effective leadership can be a challenge inspiring staff building teams managing resources, all play a part in effective and impactful leadership during this crisis. Many of the traditional roles seem to go out of the window as we grapple with the reality of our present situation to effectively lead in this time of crisis. There are a few steps to follow:

1. Acknowledged today's reality

It is time for a reality check, that's really happening, it's not a dream. The crisis is upon you asking the expected why questions are only human but really don't move us forward. As we lead our teams set the past aside on your present circumstance and embrace that things will be different in the future, look for ways to innovate and inspire what can be next.

2. Don't Panic

Many leaders simply freeze or in turn start doing multiple things without complete plans. Stop and be still for a moment and simply find a quiet place to assess your present situation and identify the options available to you and your team. Come out of this quiet time with the resolve not to overreact but to calmly and methodically build confidence in all you lead. If you don't panic your team is less likely to panic as well.

3. Communicate Early and Often

It sounds obvious but it's not in times of crisis, it is more important than ever to communicate freely and openly with those you lead that you as a leader wish to communicate. Over-communication is not a problem in times of crisis, remember that communication is dialogue leaders also need to practice active, listening as your implementation teams may be hesitant to share their true thoughts and feelings precise information delivered at the right time will enhance your team's engagement and trust finally.

4. Take Responsibility

As leaders, we must own our behaviors and decisions as well as the outcomes associated with them. The worst thing we can do is to deflect the blame shift and not take full responsibility. Your teams will watch how you own, what you do with you as the example they will also feel comfortable doing the same a great example of these steps in action.


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