Leadership vs Management, What is the Difference?

Leadership versus Management and what's the difference, we’re talking about this topic because some people who think leadership is great and management are bad but the truth is we probably all know leaders who were very influential who have really done some really bad things in the world. We can also think of probably some managers who were great and vice versa.

We want to look at both of these and we want to sort through we want to see what the differences are and why we really need a combination of both if we're trying to get some kind of initiative done for our company.

Leadership - What is leadership? Leadership is the action of leading a group towards a common goal, if you think about you've heard that leaders lead people, they inspire, they motivate, and they encourage. Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something that you want to be done.

Top 10 leadership skills:

  1. Communication: Being able to communicate effectively with the group
  2. Motivation: It requires a lot of motivation to get people to do what they don't want to do
  3. Delegation: Being able to delegate things that are best suited for someone else
  4. Positivity: Keeping people positive probably sometimes in the worst of things
  5. Trustworthiness: Being able for your people you're leading to trust you
  6. Creativity: There are most times when we're trying to do a project or initiative where things constantly change so it's important to be creative and think through solutions and roadblocks
  7. Feedback: Being able to receive feedback but also feedback constructively without offending anyone but being able to help them
  8. Responsibility: Taking the responsibility for actions and getting things done
  9. Commitment: Once committing to something sticking through the thick and thin until the end
  10. Flexibility: Again knowing that any project or initiative things we do likely are going to have changed so being able to be flexible to look at different angles and consider changing

Management - What is management? Management is managing things so managers they plan, they organize, and they coordinate

Top 10 management skills:

  1. Interpersonal: Being able to communicate with people at having great soft skills 
  2. Communication: Like leaders, they have to communicate effectively through written oral and other types of communication
  3. Motivation: Although managers are trying to get things done there's also the component of motivating people to get the task and activities done
  4. Organization: Being able to plan, organize, and coordinate things for the plan
  5. Delegation: It takes a skill to be able to delegate appropriately to the right people
  6. Forward planning: Always thinking ahead where are we going next 
  7. Strategic thinking: Looking at the big picture and then being able to take that through and fill out
  8. Problem-solving: Most anything we do with projects or initiative things are always changing problems always arise so having the capability to problem-solve is essential
  9. Commercial awareness: That's really understanding the industry the market that you're in or that the manager is in and understanding how that impacts how the economy and all kinds of financial situations can change and impact things
  10. Mentoring: A manager getting people to get things done sometimes they may need additional training or mentoring and they're really good at

As you can see some of the communication motivation delegation some of these skills are different are the same but you can see what is the difference between leadership and management. 


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